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 P.I. Gumshoe and the G-Man

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P.I. Gumshoe and the G-Man Empty
PostSubject: P.I. Gumshoe and the G-Man   P.I. Gumshoe and the G-Man Icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 4:10 pm

Corruption isn't restricted to the flatfoots, and the influence of the Five Families reaches even those thought to be untouchable. These "investigators" aren't to be taken lightly - with a few kickbacks and some attack orders, your enemies won't see them coming.

The best way to get "Johnny Law" off your back, is to get him to watch it instead.

New Units:
These new units require a Kickback to train.

P.I. Gumshoe
Location: Park Ave
Class: Health Support
11 Hideout
11 Garage
11 Workshop

Location: Atlantic City
Class: Damage Support
11 Hideout
11 Garage
11 Workshop
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P.I. Gumshoe and the G-Man
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