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 Merging serv. !!

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Merging serv. !! Empty
PostSubject: Merging serv. !!   Merging serv. !! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 7:02 pm

Something that has been a hot topic from many in the community recently is the status of merging several less active servers together to create a more active server. As you know we've been looking not only into whether it was possible, but how we could do it without causing a big disruption in the game.

I'm happy to announce that we're now very close to making this a reality and we plan to start the process of merging servers very soon. We won't be giving a specific date yet, but we want to get the community prepared and make sure we have answered all of your questions leading up to the merges.

A very important thing to note here is that this has proven to be a huge technical accomplishment, which is why it has taken a lot longer than anticipated. We want to make sure we get this right, so keep in mind that we may push this back if we run into any obstacles. We are really excited about this project and are hoping for as smooth a transition as possible.

The following is an FAQ to give you information on the upcoming server merge. Keep in mind that we might not have all the answers yet, and some of these things may be subject to change as we get closer to the merge.

Q: When are the Server Mergers happening?

A: We would like to begin the process of merging some servers before the end of the year. This time line could change, but we plan to keep the community updated if we need to push back.

Q: Which Servers are being Merged? Which Server with they be Merged with?

A: The merges will happen to servers that have low player activity, they will be combined into groups and merged onto a new server. We will have more information on which servers will be combined and merged when we are closer to the server merge.

Q: I have accounts on multiple servers, some which might be part of the merge. How will you decide which account I will be playing after the servers have been merged?

A. We will be merging the account from the server in which the players have logged in most recently.

For example, if Player X has an account on two servers that are getting merged together, this player will have to log into the server with the account they want to continue playing after the merge.

All items, resources, and troops, from each account that is merged will be combined in the new server. (See: What about all my stuff?) Respect levels will be set at the level of the primary account.

Q: Does this mean I will have to start over after the server mergers are complete?

A: Not at all! All of your Neighborhoods Buildings, Estate Buildings, and Research Levels will be carried over in the merge.

Q: Is there anything that won't be carried over in the merge?

A: Unfortunately with this server merge, some things can not be carried over. Crews will need to be reformed, and you will need to reclaim your cityscapes. Also, your Neighborhood locations will be placed randomly (don't worry we will include relocation packages in a special Super Move Bundle) and you will need to seek out and claim your space once the server merge is complete. All Battle Reports and Messages will be cleared, so be sure to save any information that you want to keep.

Q: What about all my stuff? - Troops, Resources, Inventory Items.

A: If one of your accounts is merged, all of your Units, Resources and Inventory Items will be carried over to the new server.

If you play on multiple servers that are being combined and merged onto one server, all of your Units, Resources, and Inventory Items will be merged into the new server. Your new server will be fully loaded with all of the items from your old merged servers and nothing will be lost! Keep in mind though that this will only happen if the servers that you have accounts on are being merged. If you have two accounts that are not part of the same server merge, those items will not be combined.

Q: What is a Super Move Bundle?

A: We will be providing players who will be part of the server merge with a bundle to help them get situated on their new servers. This will include things like Chosen Relocations, Change Estate Name, Change Alias, and several boosts and speed-ups. We're providing these items to make sure that players can get situated in the locations the want to be at on the new server.

from Vash.

This is amazing I hope my serv. get merge... more farming station !!
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Merging serv. !!
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