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 New Neighborhood: Chinatown

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New Neighborhood: Chinatown Empty
PostSubject: New Neighborhood: Chinatown   New Neighborhood: Chinatown Icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 12:10 am


I’ve come to propose a deal. Our ‘Social Club’ has certain interests in the city and an alliance with your organization is the fastest way for us to achieve them. Let us use your resources and we will help make you the most powerful boss in the city.

Accept our offer and our unique expertise will be yours. Reject our offer and well... I’m sure that some of your more business minded rivals would accept.


Tai Yu

A new Hood to expand your control of the city
Gain access to the new Hatchetman and Highbinder troops
4 new Racket Buildings: The Tombs, Columbus Park, the Canton Theater and the Tuxedo Restaurant

New Unit: The Hatchet Man

”Nobody ever forgets where he buried the hatchet.” - Kin Hubbard

Hatchet Men are proud of their brutal reputation and do their best to prove it right. While their hatchets may be deadly, intimidation is their real weapon of choice.

Location: Chinatown
Class: De-buff Troop
Level 9 Hideout
Level 12 Medicine
Level 12 Muscle

New Unit: The Highbinder

“There have been cases of murder in Chinatown, done for private revenge by hired Highbinders, for the small sum of twenty dollars, and the cheapness in which human life is held by these people is a constant marvel.” - Harper’s Weekly

There are no men who don’t feel a chill of terror when they see a Highbinder stalking the streets. No smart men, at least.

Location: Chinatown
Class: De-buff Troop
Level 10 Hideout
Level 10 Garage
Level 10 Workshop
Level 16 Medicine
Level 16 Muscle
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New Neighborhood: Chinatown
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